COVID-19 & Minnesota Non-Profit Organizations

By March 27, 2020July 6th, 2020COVID-19

Many non-profits across Minnesota are facing unique challenges brought on by COVID-19. During this unprecedented time, Minnesota doubled down on their commitment to non-profit organizations at DEED. In the last year, Minnesota made several changes to their request for proposal and grant monitoring processes to strengthen their relationships with community non-profits. For instance, Minnesota streamlined processes and made improvements in their systems so that nonprofit organizations can operate with efficiency, clarity, and agility. Please review the below information on how Minnesota will further assist non-profit organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cash Advances

Reimbursement is the preferred method for grant payments but, in certain circumstances, DEED can approve cash advance payments for nonprofits. Please contact your DEED Program Coordinator to learn about the cash advance process.

Partnership and Technical Assistance

The state is experiencing a rapidly changing economic situation. When Minnesotans are ready to return to work, the state will be ready with a system to support them. The state encourages their partners whose needs have changed to reach out to them. DEED is ready and willing to work with partners facing challenges with performing proposed work on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to your DEED Program Coordinator for technical assistance.

Also, if you think you might need an advance payment or grant extension, please contact your DEED Program Coordinator.

Our office will be monitoring COVID-19 updates closely and will be sending out additional announcements on our website as we become aware of new development:

Please reach out to your representative with any questions.


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