COVID-19 & Supplemental Child Care Funds in Texas

By March 26, 2020July 6th, 2020COVID-19

The state of Texas is working on ways to respond to the challenges COVID-19 has brought to its workforce. One way the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is supporting its economy at this time is releasing $40,000 to be dispersed towards child care for Essential Workers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The financial aid distributed by the Workforce Development Boards will cover children of Essential Workers that are under 13 years old, through Workforce Solutions offices. The amount of funds will range from a portion to the entirety of those costs, depending on different eligibility requirements and service areas. Another way the TWC is jumping in during this time is attempting to streamline the process of eligibility so that the enrollment process is quick and easy for those needing aid. They are awaiting responses to a federal waiver on this request.

With varying levels of quarantine orders and child care center closures, may Texans enrolled in the child care subsidy program are struggling to pay their Parent Share of Cost (PSOC). It is important to note that the Workforce Development Boards will be assisting these folks as well. Details on this assistance is awaiting approval by the Office of Child Care on a federal level.

Please note that the TWC will be waiving the waiting week and job search requirements for UI benefits during this time of crisis. If you have questions, the TWC can be reached by phone with expanded hours by calling 512-463-8942. To practice proper social distancing, please call ahead before visiting offices. The links below are offered for guidance on information updated daily.


TWX Workforce Development Board Page

Texas Workforce Commission

Child Care Center information

Email updates from the TWC regarding programs and services

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