Iowa & U.S. Bank ReliaCard Issues

By January 29, 2021COVID-19

The Iowa Workforce Development advised that some claimants may not have received a new U.S. Bank ReliaCard if they chose to collect unemployment benefits via a debit card. The state moved from Bank of America debit cards to the U.S. Bank ReliaCard on January 27, 2021. Many claimants received their new card and deposit, but the state was made aware that some claimants’ payments were returned to the agency because of an incorrect data file the agency provided to U.S. Bank. The state worked with U.S. Bank to correct the error and quickly reissue new debit cards to any claimants who did not receive a new card.

Any claimants who have not received a U.S. Bank ReliaCard can expedite receipt of a new card by logging into their weekly claim application: First, select the “View/Update Payment Method” option on the left side of the page. Claimants who want to continue to receive benefits by debit card can make that selection and a U.S. Bank ReliaCard will be mailed to them overnight. The card will be mailed in a plain, white envelope and must be activated prior to use. However, claimants can also modify their preferred payment method to direct deposit or other payment methods, which can be found here:

The state will contact all affected customers by telephone if they do not go online to make an election. Claimants can also call the state directly for assistance at (866) 239-0843. Claimants who have not received a U.S. Bank ReliaCard and wish to receive payments by that method must make a payment election online or by telephone no later than January 31, 2021 to be issued payments without further delay. Finally, please be aware that remaining benefit balances on Bank of America Debit Cards will not transfer to the U.S. Bank ReliaCards but the benefits did not expire and will remain available until exhausted. The U.S. Bank ReliaCard can be used for purchases, bill payment, and cash withdrawals from anywhere that Visa® Debit Cards are accepted. Please visit the Iowa Workforce Development website at for more information.





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