COVID-19 & Tennessee Layoffs/Partials

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The Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development provided helpful communication as employers face decisions on whether to initiate partial or mass layoffs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the expected rise in unemployment claims, the state provided this communication as a measure to prevent the Tennessee unemployment system from being overrun with claims, as other states have experienced the last few days.

First, the state waived the search for work requirement for employees filing for benefits. Also, the state now allows employers to file mass layoff claims. Click here to view the template provided by the state. Once an employer fills out this spreadsheet and submits it to the state, they are filing for benefits on behalf of their employee(s). After an employer submits this spreadsheet, the employee(s) will only have to certify the application with the state.

However, please be aware of the different types of filing with the state. For a mass layoff, if an employer does not have a return to work date or an email address, the spreadsheet will be submitted as a layoff. All mass layoff spreadsheets must be submitted to the state prior to the layoff. For a partial claim, if an employer has a return to work date and email addresses for each employee on the list, the spreadsheet will be submitted as a partial. Please send any completed mass/partial list to

Employers may visit the state’s website to review partial or layoff instructions, download a workable spreadsheet, and review other important information here:

Do not hesitate to reach out to your representative with any questions or con

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